Heating Systems

The temperature dips below freezing, the wind is howling, another frigid Central New York winter is here. Heating bills rise, while your home remains cold. That should not happen! At Angelo Chiodo we can help you replace that old heating system and save a ton of money with an energy efficient system. We have something for every budget that will keep your costs way down and your heat way up. And, at Angelo Chiodo, our service techs are ready 24 hours a day to help you in an emergency. Don't be left in the cold. Don't dread heating costs. Great financing options are available. Call Angelo Chiodo to keep your family warm and safe this winter.

Furnace / Boiler Clean & Check

Is your furnace running efficiently? Now is the perfect time to make sure your furnace is safe and energy efficient, which keeps your comfort during the winter months cost effective. Angelo Chiodo will thoroughly clean your burners, pilot, flue diverter, oil and clean blower, belts and belt drive motors plus the inside heat exchange cells. Then, Chiodo will check the furnace's high limit, pilot flame, burner flame and heat exchange cells for any cracks. Right now Chiodo will clean and check your oil furnace for just $219.95 and your gas furnace for only $89.95. Take advantage of this great value!

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